Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh the Pain . . .

Yeah, I finally mustered the strength to tackle my taxes.  Perhaps using a computer tax program or HR Block could make life a little easier.  Used both at some point in the past.  Never got me any further ahead--save for the retention of brain cells.
Tax Stuff

Suffice to say that my head hurts a little (must be from the minor brain implosion).  Honestly, why does it have to be so darn convoluted (and sadly, I know the answer to that question)?  Time for a much needed break!  A cookie and some fresh air will do me some good--followed by copius amounts of knitting and/or crocheting.

Later  (when my brain doesn't ache so much) :S


  1. I know I hate to do taxes!! Last year I had to pay the gov't an additional 20 grand. Basically my 8 month severance at the end of last year was the main reason. Did my taxes early this year to see if I owed again. Thankfully I actually got a refund which was a great since I was not working at the time.

    Your Bro:Joe

  2. Yikes Joe! That's a lot of moolah to owe. At least you don't owe this year. Hurray for refunds!

    And I'm so happy you visited :)


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