Monday, April 19, 2010

Still Crocheting

More Dishcloths

Still working on a few more dishcloths (similar to this  and this which I've already made).    Unfortunately I'm rapidly running out of cotton.  See the wee ball of cotton above?  That's all that's left.  No cotton in the house.

So I thought, why not get more and share the crochet love?  So to that end, I've ordered more worsted cotton (hopefully it arrives within the next 2 weeks).  My plan: make some placements with matching dishcloths, dishtowels and yes, a dishsoap apron too.  I'm hoping to gift them to my MIL.  Her birthday falls at the end of June, so I'm thinking I should have enough time.  And she's very appreciative of hand-crafted gifts as she is a fellow crafter.

Since I've returned to crochet, I've found my hook can affect my hands.  I do try to take frequent breaks.  Sometimes, though, the fault lies in the hook.  I prefer to use aluminum hooks over plastic (even in my knitting).  But the particular brand I use has a flat spot over the handle indicating hook size.

Then I came across a neat looking hook with a very wide handle. Clover manufacturers these Crochet-Lite hooks (but I couldn't find anything on their website. Perhaps they no longer make them, although I did find online suppliers). 
Close-Up of Hook

Originally I thought these hooks would be useful.  Sometimes I take my crochet along to work where I stitch away in the semi-darkness of the nap room.  As it turned out, the light bothered my eyes.  However, the handle has been a boom.  It is comfortable!  Check out the comparison pictured below.
Comparison of Various Hooks

I've read about other crocheters modifying their hooks to provide more comfort.  What do you do?  What about the knitters out there?  Any modifications made to make crafting more comfortable?

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