Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Little R and R

So to soothe my rattled brain and replenish my spirits, I picked up the latest copy of Knit Simple's Spring/Summer edition (now that I know where to find it in town).
Cover Showing Ruffle Trim Tank

There are a few cardigans, but the one below is my fave.  I like its swingy design.
Swing Cardigan

It looks like its knit in one piece from the top down, but is in fact worked in pieces.  Thankfully I've gotten over my fear of seaming (although it's not my favorite thing to do, but it's better than weaving in ends).

While cardigans are my fave garment to make, I also enjoy making tank tops. I think it's the simple construction and the lack of sleeves; in other words, it's usually a quick project.  And this issue has no shortage of tanks.  Lots of cute options, including the pretty pink tank on the cover.

Lace Rib Shell

Lace Dress

The orange item above is actually a dress, but it should be easy to shorten it, thereby making it a tank.

I must say that Knit Simple has tried to improve their website.  I noticed they now have additional photos of their projects on their website (the feature is called "Close Up").  The more pictures, the better!  Different views can help a knitter decide if a particular item will suit her body type.  Also, additional photos can offer a better view of details.  My only "complaint" is that it would be helpful to see the clothing item on a real person (but that's asking for too much, isn't it?).

By the way, my crocuses are in full bloom! 

Lovin' the wonderful splash of colour amidst the faded, dried-up remains of last year's bounty.  How's your weekend?


  1. yay! crocii! (is that plural?) ;-)

  2. I'm still not over my fear of seaming. I hate to do it almost as much as I hate to kitchner toes on socks.

    Love the flowers!!

  3. Kate, it took me a long time to get over my fear of seaming. Practising on a couple of toy projects for the kids finally helped me.


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