Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Days

I love summer! Not those days when there's almost a haze all 'round and the sky looks scorched and faded with nary a cloud in sight. Not those days when there's not a breath of air. Not those days when the molecules seem to hang about like a wet, sticky mess until you've been reduced to a grease spot . . . No, can't say I enjoy that part of summer.

Rather, I prefer clear blue skies; cool breezes gently wafting, sweetly scented with roses or freshly cut grass; birds chirping amidst cool, green tree limbs; cool water trickling along a rocky river bed . . . . these are the things about summer I cherish most.

Finally summer has come to the east coast of Canada! Mother Nature played a dirty trick (frost in July? How rude!), but with her sick sense of humour satiated, she's allowed summer to visit us once more. It's only fair as recent years have only given us one month of summer (as opposed to the rest of the country that often sees 2 months).

So much knitting planned: a cardigan for my wee niece and perhaps a winter hat too; continue working on Blue Sprout and green lace scarf (although Blue Sprout has fallen by the wayside for the moment); contemplating a baby knit for new nephew to be born this winter; and of course socks galore for my boys (and maybe mittens too).

I'm also working on--in dribs and drabs--an old cross-stitich project that's been languishing for over 10 years (oh the crafting horrors!). Remember the small finished cross-stitch projects awaiting framing ( see link here )? These were started and finished AFTER I started this particular piece (which incidently will measure 14" by 11" when finished). It shall languish no more! I'm determined to finish no matter how long it takes. If I work on it a little each day, I'll get her done (of course the thought has crossed my mind that my knitting may suffer . . . oh dear). My ultimate goal is to one day frame this piece and hang it upon the wall of my farmhouse (okay, so right now I have an imaginary farmhouse, but one day I will have a real one . . . keep your fingers crossed--and while you're at it, cross your toes too).

Happy crafting! :)

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