Saturday, July 4, 2009

Knitting FO and Cross Stitch Too!

I've got one knitting FO--well, sort of. I've completed one slipper. It was meant for me, but it is a smidge small so I'm passing it on to my son. He really does need a new pair. His old pair is sadly "holey". I've already cast on for the second slipper. And I've learned how to better sew the thing (after all, practise makes perfect).

In rummaging through my things I came across some finished cross stitch items I had made when my boys were babies. The projects are complete and just need to be framed. The first one (with the bear and bunny) matched their curtains and crib linens (as you may have guessed, teddy bears were the theme). The second one (with the little angels) was a cute little kit I received as a gift.
Sadly, I do not know how to frame my work myself. Perhaps my MIL could help me.

See the framed scene above. My MIL made the piece and framed it herself. She's an awesome cross-stitcher. Her work is beautiful and I'm amazed at how quickly she can complete a complicated project. She's given a few pieces as gifts and even donated some. I think she learned how to frame because for some reason its rather expensive to have a professional do it--at least in our local area.

Here's hoping you're doing something crafty this weekend.


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