Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Socks, Socks Wonderful Socks!

Ever read Robert Munsch's Smelly Socks? It's about a girl who looks for the most wonderful pair of socks and when she finds them, wears them to the point of severe stench and toxicity. Munsch is my favorite children's author. His stories make me laugh and they're just fun to read aloud.

Working on my current sock project made me think of Smelly Socks. When my son tried it on he exclaimed, "They're wonderful!" and then he didn't want to take the sock off--nevermind that the darn thing isn't even finished yet! I'm hoping this bodes well for my latest pattern.

I'm in search of the perfect sock pattern--well, perfect for my boys. I love the ribbing and the longer leg length of this current pattern I'm using from Patons (see Patons Sock ). Mixed feelings about the heel turn--it looks a bit too narrow, although the sock seemed to fit my son's foot just fine. I prefered the heel turn in the Vogue vintage pattern (see Vogue Vintage Ribbed Socks ).

Judging from the fit, I've just a little more legnth to knit and then I can shape the toe. The end is almost near.

Happy knitting :)

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