Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Sad, Sad Garden

Despite the unseasonably cool summer (frost in July is not even remotely funny) and the lack of sunshine, the front garden is doing well. I haven't been very good at weeding, but everything is growing very nicely. The nice thing about perennials is that they come up year after year with little work on my part (at least, I try to choose plants that require little work on my part)
Even my flower box is growing very nicely--perhaps too well. The dianthus were getting a little spindly in the over-crowded box so I "liberated" a few and transplanted them to the front garden. Hope they do well there.

I also moved some to the little patch by the front step. I think I should move more over 'cuz that little corner is so very, very sad :(

With the cool weather, I lost my gardening mojo. Then I kept procrastinating the purchase of more plants. At this point of the season, most garden centers are closing and what's left behind isn't necessarily in great shape. So I "shopped" around my perennials: bleeding hearts, daisies, dianthus, yellow aurea and silver beacon. I hope everything "takes". This time next week, I'll have a better idea (but at this point, it doesn't look too good).

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