Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yes, Still Knitting

It may not seem like it, but I am still knitting. I have been working hard--well, maybe not as hard as I'd like to. I have knit every day this week.

I started a pair of the classic striped slipper. Made with Phentex craft yarn, these slippers are durable and very comfortable. My MIL always makes these for the family and I finally decided to make my own pair. Previous attempts at slipper-making have ended in dismal failure (and general mockery at my expense I might add, but I'm not bitter), and I'm uncertain about whether I'm carrying the yarn across the work correctly. Still, it's coming along (did I mention how much I dislike garter stitch?) I started another pair of socks for my little boys. This pattern is from an old Patons pattern book with lots of sock and mitten patterns. Scored the book at a charity book sale (yay for me!). The needles are 2.75mm and they feel huge after using 2.25mm for so long. Hope the socks will fit nicely.
I have also been working on my lace scarf (remember it from Lace Scarf Post 2 and First Lace Post ), but sadly I am running out of yarn(see the second pic below). Need to order more, but I've been slow to do so.

Happy knitting all. :)

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