Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Little Things

Sometimes its the little things that make life so wonderful, if we'd only stop to notice them. The tiny blooms on the dogwoods, the creeping Aurea covering the rock wall or the pretty pink blossoms of the Silver Beacons.

The Coral Bells , Foamy Bells and Hosta, awake up from their winter sleep, slowly stretch up towards the sun--whatever little sun can get through the shade of the dogwoods.
But my favorite of all are the Lilies of the Valley. Fragrant tiny white blooms. I remember the elderly couple who lived next door to us. With almost half their garden covered in lilies of the valley, it always smelled so sweetly--proof that even small urban gardens could become an oasis from the gritty grime of urban chaos.
And despite the clouds and cooler temps, I finally enjoyed a few hours of knitting time. Ahhh . . . life is good.

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