Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finished At Long Last!

Well I never thought I'd get to kitchenering those last 20 stitches on my son's ribbed socks. Finally finished the second sock! Yay for me! I darned in the last loose ends and passed them over to my son who promptly pulled them on.

Found the pattern in Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Sock Book. I think I might have to buy this book (originally I had borrowed it from the library to learn more about socks). It's supposed to be a vintage pattern. And I just love the fit of ribbed socks--no slouchiness.

This is my second pair. The original pair I made were knit as written--no mods. With this second pair, I needed to modify. My other son has skinny ankles and wide feet, especially at the heel. It's a 56-stitch sock, but I added 4 extra sitiches before starting heel flap; also, when decreasing the gusset, I only went down to 60 stitches so there'd be more room in the foot.

Of course both boys are growing, so I may need to make more mods. In fact, I'll have to peruse a couple of old Patons sock books. The Vogue sock book did have a generic sock pattern with required numbers/stitches required for size.

My problem with most sock books are the lack of "manly" socks; there seem to be an overabundance of girlie patterns. However, I don't make socks for myself--only the boys. Given that ribbed socks have worked really well for me thus far, I could try various combinations of ribbing stitches--need stitch dictionary for that. Perhaps that should be my next knitting book purchase.

Happy knitting!

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