Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pretty in Pink?

Pretty in pink? Maybe more purple than pink, but still quite pretty.

Like my father before me (and somewhere in my peasantry ancestry), I've become fond of gardening (must be my ancestral background--most of them farmers up until a generartion ago). I putter, plant and prune, but I lack space--as in I lack land that belongs to me which I can dig up at a whim (perhaps that may change some day?). So I thumb through the gardening flyers, check out my gardneing books and dream of green and flora stuff.

Then I spied an unused "space". Along the driveway, there is a lack of of greenery and flowery goodness. Putting in a flowerbed didn't seem feesible. Perhaps potted urns were the way to go. A few times I considered asking my FIL to build me a planter. He loves woodwork and carpentry, but currently lacks any space for his hobby. So I didn't make any requests.

Imagine my surprise and delight when he presented me with a lovely planter box! There was more: not only did he buy the bags of dirt to fill the planter, he also offered to buy the flowers! What generosity!

So today we visited the Pleasant Valley Nurseries and it was fabulous. My mind was a whirl because the nursery had everything. It was so well organized with so many varieties of trees, shrubs flowers . . . suffice to say, they had everything. And it all looked so pretty--and healthy.

Despite looking through my gardening books, I really wasn't sure what to plant. My front flower bed is quite shady, so my options had always been rather limited. But now, I could use sun-loving vegetation. Suddenly I had many options. And with greater choice comes a sense of being over-whelmed. What do I get?

In the end, went for splashes of colour--in which case, annuals would be the way to go: some pretty pink varieties of dinathius (which, although annuals, will come back for a few years) and some purple-pink osteospermum. I've never had the latter, so I'm interested in how well they thrive. Perhaps I need to consult my handy-dandy gardening book? I'm off to do some reading-.

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