Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vampires, Knitting and Blogrolls--Oh My!

Why do I blog? What compels me to write? Hmmm . . .

Initially it was a way for me to write more in-depth about my knitting.
Ravelry is an awesome place which affords the knitter a place to document their experience (good or bad) with a particular pattern. But often there was more to the story than just simple modification. I needed another avenue to share my trials and tribulations. Needless to say, I sometimes ramble on about things other than knitting, but that's another story.

I've been online in some form or another since early 2000, mainly on forums and such (initially for new moms, then parenting, then scrapbooking . . .well, you get the picture). Some time during my forays into cyberspace, I discovered blogs. Then I discovered knitting blogs. For the past two years, I have been religiously following umpteen blogs which I check on a weekly basis (my blogroll , unfortunately, does not accurately reflect the depth of my obessession as I've only listed a few and have yet to add the rest--forgive my laziness). I am the classic lurker and generally leave no comments, although I've tried to reform my reticent ways of late.

I love reading about the adventures--and sometimes misadventures--of my fave blog authors. Each week I'd eagerly check in to see how much progress they'd made, to admire the lovely fibre acquisition they'd made or to drool over a new pattern. Most I had found through
Knitty whilst seeking out free patterns. Then I'd mine the blogroll of my fave designer. These days, I check out the blogs of fellow ravelers and bookmark the ones I enjoy the most.

Perhaps the most important reason for blogging is my desire to write. Okay, I'll fess up that about 2 years ago I tried my hand at writing a novel. I gave it my best shot, then the "pop and fizzle" faded. Writer's block? Perhaps. Maybe I just lost interest (okay, here's the vampire part: it was about blood drinkers, but more twisted and surreal then anything I've ever come across and not very romantic). Despite putting down the pen, I still yearned to write; I needed an outlet for creative energies. Hence a blog was born.

How long will I continue this pursuit? Will I some day abandon it and let it fade into the twinkling lights of cyberspace . . . perhaps not, at least not for a while. Certainly I never would have guessed that knitting, blogrolls and vampires would have led me, thus far, to this place. To where the road continues, I do not know, but I shall enjoy the journey. Hope you enjoy the journey too! :)

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