Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dreams Part II: Explanations and Interpretations

Ever thought about NOT working for "the man"? What if you could do what you most absolutely love and make a decent living at the same time? What if you could be totally green and reduce your carbon footprint? What if indeed! A crazy dream?

What if I could do all of the above by living the Dream? My dream includes life on a farm, homesteading, in a big old farm house with a lovely greenhouse, lots of veggie patches, fruit trees and livestock (must have sheep of course). We'd be totally off the grid with solar power and perhaps a few small wind turbines.

The country life has baited and taunted me for a long time. My childhood was spent amid cracked sidewalks and sticky asphalt playgrounds, with the constant din of traffic in the background (even at 2:00AM I could hear the city bus zooming by).
Then this past year, dear hubby and I came across The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency: The Classic Guide for Realists and Dreamers by John Seymour. We searched further online and found many others going green, organic and homesteading. My brother-in-law had been interested for a long time. We knew we couldn't do it by ourselves, but maybe together we could make a go of it.

We had always planned to make the big move in 5 years. Then it got pushed up to 3 years. But what if we could do this within a year or sooner? A beautiful opportunity is calling us. Right now we're just putting our financial ducks in the proverbial row and then hopefully we're gonna take the big plunge. Sure it would be a lot of work (a lot of hard work), but we'd be working for ourselves, working with our hands and in tandem with nature. If you could, wouldn't you take a chance?

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