Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh Joy!

Tired and hungry after a long day at work, I went through my front door and found a pleasant surprise. A small package of happiness awaited me. One of my online orders had arrived! Oh joy!

Very gingerly, I ripped apart the packaging and found these three soft and silky yarns. And surprisingly there is not a bit of acrylic in them! Only the Silk Bamboo actually has silk in it; the other two are primarily bamboo mixed with wool (along with angora for Angora Bamboo).
Now I'm a die-hard acrylic girl through and through, but I have been curious to try bamboo for ages. And these yarns were so affordable. I just had to see for myself; I had to try them out on the needles to get a "feel" for them.
I'd like to work up a few swatches in some easy lace patterns. I would absolutely love to make a couple of lacy scarves for two important women in my life. I think they would appreciate the hand-crafted gifts. I'm hoping the items could be Christmas presents (I know: it's barely May and I'm thinking of Santa and Rudolph, but I'm slow--soooo very, very slow).
Hope my other order arrives tomorrow!

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