Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just a Little Scared?

My second order arrived today! More bamboo and some alpaca too. I also got some superwash wool just to swatch. How else can I find out about new fibres unless I play with them? When I figure out what project fits the yarn, I can order whatever number of skeins I need.

Ravelry is great for this kind of search. Just type in the brand name or specific yarn, then see what other knitters (or crocheters) have made. Guess what I found? Lots of lace scarves made from bamboo--very pretty, delicate looking. And challenging . . . perhaps too challenging? My enthusiasm for something new is fading as doubt rears its little head . . . . safe to say I'm feeling just a wee bit nervous about lace.
Is there such an animal as "easy lace"? There's gotta be, right? Back to Ravelry to search some more.

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