Sunday, May 31, 2009

Got Passion?

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I'm not referring to the bedroom. Passion means love of life or the desire to find perfection. One can be passionate about a hobby, their work, a belief or a cause. I see snippets of passion, but overall there is a definite lack of passion around me. Pardon my vagueness (and its deliberate), but surely there must be more to life than just the stuff we own or the places we visit.

Throughout my life, I've encountered passionate individuals: a teacher, a friend, a colleague and even a stranger. Perhaps it was their determination, dedication, hope or even just their work ethic. Something about that person inspired me to do more and to be better--and to hope. Where are those passionate people?

Where does commitment, determination, dedication, and work ethic reside? Is it just me or do most people these days lack such qualities? My parents always taught me that no matter what I did (whether it was running a large corporation or scrubbing a lowly toilet), I should give 100% and do the best possible job. The worth is not in the job itself, but in how the job is performed.

For me, I always believed that if I did what I loved, my satisfaction would be great. Yes there would still be frustrations and challenges. Nothing--and I mean NOTHING--is truly perfect, but you can experience moments of perfection. With determination, I could problem-solve for solutions and seek out improvements. And perhaps with enough perseverance and hard work, I could experience that magical state of perfection when "it" all comes together.

Maybe what I'm really referring to is vocation, but not in the religious sense (although it could be spiritual, says the lapsed Catholic inside my head). Throughout most of my life, I felt as if my vocation was to be a teacher and a parent. Don't ask me how I knew. I just did. I question the vocation and/or passion of those around me. Lots of zombies and dead-weights drift in and out. Not enough passion.

The problem with zombies and dead-weights is that they zap your lifeforce. All your energy and zest gets drained. You can only bang your head against the wall so many times before you become a zombie too! Is there a cure?

Got passion?

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