Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Hope the sun shined for you today. It did in my part of the world briefly before pounding rains fell upon the earth--the first thunder storm of the season (it was a mad dash to save the laundry before the downpour and it was almost dry too).

My fears and doubts over lace abated when I plunged in and cast on. What's with the blue yarn? Well, its baby acrylic (from Phentax I think) and no, its not what I'll use for the gift scarf. What better way to test a pattern than to actually try it out on some scrap yarn? Once I managed to get through an entire repeat, I knew I could make the lace.

Well, let me rephrase that: I THOUGHT I knew what I was doing. I cast on using the Elann Pure Bamboo. Since I didn't have wooden or bamboo needles, I used aluminum needles. The garter edging progressed nicely until I got to the yarn-overs. I'm not sure what happened. I thought I was wrapping the yarn the correct way . . . I messed up and then ripped out--gggrrrrrrr! I think I'll have to pop into Walmart and look for bamboo circular needles (what are the odds they'll have the size needle I need? Hmmmmm). My other option is to forget the Pure Bamboo and use the Elann Bamboo Fusion instead. I think its a DK weight and I might have more luck with that than fingering weight. I've also got the Paton's Silk-Bamboo and Angora Bamboo which are also DK or worsted weight . . . I've got to mull it over.

At least I did one thing right: I finished one sock. My modifications were a success! It fit my son's foot perfectly. I thought the sock might be too snug at the toes, but it fit well (the boy has wide feet). Thankfully I took detailed notes and I've already cast on for the second sock. In two weeks, my boy will have a complete pair.

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