Thursday, May 28, 2009

Faster Knitter, Knit Faster

Dear knitting gods,

Hear my pleas (and speed is of the essence): help me knit faster!

If I were faster, I could make more stuff. And I could wear my finished item in the season it was meant to be worn. No more finished sweaters in summer or completed tanks in winter.

Right now it takes me two weeks to complete one sock; one weekend to make a child-size hat; one month to make a child-size sweater (and that's if I'm giving her all I've got!). Let's not talk about some of my other projects that have languished in the work-in-progress pile (I won't even mention the sweater that took 10 years to see completion--10 years! I kid you not).

Part of my problem is the finishing. I love the actual process of knitting--the simple physical act of pulling loop through loop, hearing the clickety-clack of those metal needless . . . it's pure bliss. The sewing of seams and weaving of ends, on the other hand, zaps all motivation (suffice to say its knitter mojo killer).

My other problem is my need to be perfect. I don't want to make mistakes (like missing increases or decreases, messing up a pattern or dropping stitches). So I carefully write out steps for my addled brain, and count and re-count stitches to make sure I haven't skipped anything.

So please great knitting gods, for the love of all that is soft and colourful and full of fibre goodness, bestow upon me the gift of speed. Make me knit faster--and please hurry! :O

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  1. I know your pain only too well. All the best ;)


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