Sunday, August 30, 2015


I was off--by a little.  Yeah, I took a calculated risk and increased the number of stitches in my shawl (by about 16 stitches) in the hopes of making it larger.  The original pattern required just over 300 yards.  I had well over 400 yards and thought that would be just enough yarn (thought it would use up every last bit).
Leftover DROPS Fabel--not enough for 3 more rows plus cast off :(
But I was wrong--close, but still wrong.  I had a wee bit of yarn left when I realized I still had 3 rows left to go plus the casting off to contend with.  What was I to do?  I was not going to rip back--no way, no how!
Patons Kroy in solid red
So I took a gamble and searched the local Five to a Dollar department store.  They carry Patons Kroy sock yarn and hoped to find a solid red or some reasonable facsimile.  And I did!   I found a solid red!
Edging detail
The colour seemed to be a good match, but the Kroy was a little thicker than the Garnstudio DROPS Fabel, even though both yarns are rated as fingering weight.  Still, it worked.  The slightly thicker yarn and solid red added a nice edging to the shawl, emphasizing the lace edge.  
Finished shawl
I've still got to block, but I must confess: I love it!  Serendipity!  Gotta love it when the fates conspire to work together--for a change. ;)

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