Friday, August 7, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Nathan Philips Square decorated for PanAm Games
It was great to finally visit my family.  It had been four years since I'd last been out to Toronto.  And I missed so much!  The city has grown, especially on the periphery where homes mushroom like weeds.  
Old City Hall
There was much knitting as there was lots of waiting in airports, on airplanes (I am not a good flyer--not one bit) and in subways.  And of course I got to shop at one of the best yarn shops--ever!  Romni Wools on Queen St W.  I was so intoxicated by yarn fumes that I forgot to take photos inside the store.  But yarn was bought--and I am happy, happy, happy! :)
Knitting, tea and good company

Most of all, it was good to catch up with family and friends: laughed and giggled with my sisters; chatted with my bro and mum; got to see my nephews and meet my niece; and re-connected with friends (and I mean really good friends.  The kind that when you start chatting, it's like you've never been apart).  Most of all, I got to spend time with my dad. 
Dad enjoying time with family
He's been ill with one thing or another and we had a few health scares in the last 10 months.  So I was happy to spend time with him, just shooting the breeze . . .  

There's still lots of summer left, even though In a few days I'll be back to work.  Hope you're enjoying your summer.

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