Sunday, September 6, 2015

Long Enough?

Enough yarn?
Just wonderin' if there will be sufficient yarn to make my Cashsilk Fern Scarf long enough?  I know I can fold it over and secure it with a pretty shawl pin (I think one of the local craft shops carries hand-carved wooden shawl pins).
Over 40" in length
Thus far, my scarf has managed to grow to just over 40".  Ideally 50" would give enough length to tie and wrap it once around my neck.  What if it's just shy of my target length?  Maybe a severe blocking length-wise could garner more length?  Not sure  . . . 
Nearing the end with only a wee bit of yarn left 
There's only a wee little ball left.  Gotta be hopeful . . . 

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