Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Little Progress

A little progress goes a long way towards finished items.  Yup, there be knitting at my place--and lots of it!

It started with travel knitting.  I knew I'd have no online access during my vacation, so I needed something to occupy my hands (and my brain, especially during the flight.  Have I mentioned how much I dislike flying?).  I brought along 4 projects: my current project, two long-standing projects that had fallen by the wayside, and a new project.
The growing Cashsilk Fern Scarf
The current project was the Cashsilk Fern Scarf which has grown by leaps and bounds.  It's about 38" at last measure.  I'm aiming for 50", but not sure there's enough yardage for that.  I'll need to leave enough for the border (2 rows of stockinette followed by four rows of moss stitch).  A good blocking should help with the length.  If it still runs short, I'll look for a pretty shawl pin to wear with it.
The still untouched Cranberry Neckerchief
I had brought my dandy Cranberry Neckerchief, but in the end, I didn't really touch that one (You can read more about that project from an old blog post dating back to summer 2011).  To be honest, I hadn't really left good notes about where I was in the pattern (although I could easily have frogged it and started anew since I wasn't too far in).  It definitely is something I'd like to revisit--and eventually finish.
A finished sock and the beginnings of the second
My other long-standing project was the Aquaphobia Socksfinished one sock and started the second one.  That pattern also had little in the way of any written pattern mods or notes regarding where I had left off (you can read more about my initial attempts with this project in a post from Feb 2014 and one from Dec 2013.).  If I'd had internet access, I could have more easily deduced my mods; instead I was forced to deconstruct and experiment (again!) to figure out what I'd done with the first sock.  Rest assured that everything was written down this time.  Ha ha!  After all, I may use the pattern again because it nicely controls the dreaded colour pooling that sometimes plagues variegated yarns.
The pretty coloursin my first lace shawl
And of course, there's the new project, my first lace shawl (aka the Oaklet Shawl which is a free pattern on Ravelry).  This has been great "mindless" knitting--a good take-along project when watching a movie or chatting over drinks at the cafe.  Sometimes it's just nice to do something simple that doesn't tax the ol' brain cells too much (although that'll probably change once I get to the lace border).

Now it's time to get back to the knitting.  There's lots to finish . . . 
Later, ;)

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