Sunday, December 1, 2013

Back At It . . .

The knitting, that is.  Yup, back to knitting, only about 30 min a day but it is so much better than not knitting.  I missed it.  A lot!  My hands were aching--literally aching (although it could have been from the sudden appearance of snow and cold temperatures).
Socks in progress . . . 
I'm working on a pair of socks I started in the spring.  I put them down to work on other things and then school started . . . well, only other crafters can understand the familiar lament: too much to do and not enough hours (or rather, too much to do and not enough energy).
Better view of two socks
Thankfully one sock was finished with the second one already cast-on (I'm usually good that way).  And there's nothing like winter weather to spur one on to finish woolen socks.
Check out the heel flap
Have I mentioned that I love wool socks?  I truly do.  And I need more.  I have only 4 pairs and that's not nearly enough.  I've still got lots of sock yarn in my stash, although sock wool is readily available locally--thank goodness!  However, I have a couple of outstanding WIPs to finish and I really wanna make myself a new beret, matching scarf and mittens.  And more socks--of course!

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