Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dreaming of . . .

Socks!  Of course.  To that end, I went looking through the stash just to see how much sock yarn was actually in there.  And lo and behold, I found enough yarn for lots of sockies!  Wheeeee!
Paton's Kroy
Pictured above is a modest stash of Patons Kroy.  There's enough there for another 6 pairs of socks . . .  all those pretty colours and warm woolie goodness . . . ahhhhhh!
Bernat Sox
I've also got a bit of acrylic sock yarn (Bernat Sox) that's never been used.  I had meant to make socks for myself but went into the wool first.
Mostly Leftover Bernat Socks
There's also leftover Bernat Sox from pairs of socks I had made for my boys (only one of them likes woolen socks).  
Unknown Woolen Sock Yarn
Along with these leftovers, there are various odds and ends of solid coloured sock wool.   I think some of this came from hubby's grandmother when she moved (inherited lots of acrylic, needles and old pattern books from the 50s).

Hopefully most of this stash will becomes socks, maybe with contrasting heels and toes.   Whatever doesn't become socks can clothe my Barbie.  My doll is sadly lacking pretty outfits.  

Between work and school work, there is precious little time for much else . . . so I better get busy once I finish my exam.  

Have a good week. ;)

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