Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hal-Con Wrap-Up

Guess who?
I apologize for the delay in posting about Hal-Con.  I've been busy with mid-terms and school work (just one more quiz and a final exam . . . ).  I have to confess that I worked overtime so that I'd be free to enjoy our weekend up in Halifax--all play and fun!  It was a blast! :D

First off, we had fun dressing up.  The boys loved playing their characters: Link from the Legend of Zelda games and Spider-man of course.
Link sticks it to Spider-man
And I had fun drerssing up as Princess Bubblegum from my current favourite show Adventure Time.
My Bombshell turned out great: good fit, comfortable and worked well as a costume.  Everything you see is made my me: made the crown, sewed the skirt and sash, and of course knitted the top.  Very pleased with the overall result.

Hal-Con always impresses me 'cuz there are great vendors, passionate fans and awesome cosplayers.  Check out some of the ones I mananged to photograph.
Jack Sparrow
Cute couple
Cleia the fairy from Legend of Zelda
The cutest Ashoka from Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Awesome trio from 300
Fearsome group from Marvel
More superheroes
Best Kratos ever!
Best Aquawoman ever!
These are only a sample of the wonderful cosplayers we came across over the two days. As usual, we're already making plans for next year's Hal-Con festivities. ;)

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