Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wintery Blast--Take 2

Ice on Window
So last weekend we had a blast of winter with snow and ice.  We only got 'bout 16 cm of snow, but the ice pellets and blowing snow made for treacherous driving.  And the frigid temperatures of -20 to -30 C did nothing to clear up messy roads (All week I had to drive on ice-covered roads.  And I hate driving on ice!!).
The View to our Neighbours
This weekend is no better.  Snow and ice again.  Not sure how much snow we've gotten so far, but it's still snowing.  And blowing.  Have I mentioned how much I hate winter?!
Tree at Top of Driveway
Thank heavens for the wood stove to keep us warm and cozy on those blustery days.  There's nothing like the warmth of a wood fire to chase the chill from cold bones.
Warmth of Wood Fire in Stove
Wherever you are, stay warm.  And have a good one. :)

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