Monday, February 18, 2013

Snow Day

This has been a winter of umpteenth snow days.  Being in the country, my trek into town takes me past hay fields and farms, across which the wind howls and blows much snow.  Long story short: the driving can be quite dicey at times with snow covered roads and white-out conditions.  Today was such a day.

And I can proudly say I used my time wisely and spent most of the day knitting.  I worked on a pair of socks I'd started in December.  I like stripey socks and this yarn (Patons Kroy Jacquards) is working up nicely.  I so love my wool socks.  Woolies make me very, very happy. :)
Stripey Socks
I even worked on the lovely Avocado. The body is complete.  And I've even managed to work on one of the sleeves--in the round of course.  I worked out when to start the decreases.  The rest should be easy--I hope.
Avocado in Progress
Here's hoping I can get out to work tomorrow.  This girl needs to bring home the bacon (so she can buy some yarn--hee, hee!).

Have a good week! :)

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