Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tinkering . . .

Clock Photo from Wallpaper Torrent
With the coming of the new year, I've decided to change my banner.  It was time.  Besides, change is nice.  I've been playing with some of my yarn stash photos in Picassa and trying out different fonts and such.  Watcha think?  I like it (but I'm biased).  I've always used this neat tutorial from Clover Lane blog.  It goes through step-by-step how to make changes to your banner photo using Picassa and then how to insert the banner onto Blogger.

Baby Photo from Wallpaper Torrent
Changes happening in the house too.  Two families share the farmhouse, and one of those families is in the process of having a baby at this very moment (psst, it's not me). 

Looking forward to change.  How 'bout you?


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