Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Year of Amigurumi

Now that Christmas has come and gone, I can look back at 2012 and all my crafting endeavors.

First off, I made a lot of stuff, especially baby gifts in both crochet and knitting.  And I tried new patterns.  In particular, I'm proud of my Modern Log Cabin (aka Garter Surprise).  It was a big project size-wise and I managed to finish it within four months--not bad for me, the queen of procrastination!
Most of all I made a lot of toys this year.  In fact I'm still working on some knit toys: Iggy the octopus and my artist bear.  I'm sure I'll finish one of them in the next month or so.  Most of my completed toys, however, were crochet.  Not bad, eh?

Finally no review would be complete without assessing the projects that never quite made it to the finish line.  Some I've only recently started.  Two are long-standing projects that I would love to complete in the next year: Bohus Redux and my crochet blanket (the latter I'd like to use as a bedspread 'cuz I think it'll be big enough for my bed--maybe as a light summer covering?)

I'm looking forward to the new year's crafts! How 'bout you?  And crafting goals for the new year?

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