Sunday, December 9, 2012

Not Happy . . .

Sure the red socks are finished.  And they look great. 
Finished Red Ribbed Socks
And the fit is awesome.  Just love the pattern: its Ladies Ribbed Socks from Vintage Vogue (check out the Ravelry link if you need more info).
Great Fit!
But my needle broke.  Sure the thing didn't break in the middle of the actual needle.  And I didn't lose any of the work on my new sock in-progress.  But still . . .  :( 
Needle separated from cable
I bought these bamboo circulars in the summer.  At a cost of $18, I'd figure I'd get a few years use out of them.  Isn't Clover's Takumi a reputable brand?   Still can't believe the needle portion separated from the cable with a new sock on the needle!!  My Boye circulars never did that.

So not happy!  I can't just drive three hours into the city to replace it or even buy a new one!  I'm hoping Super Glue will do the trick.  
New Socks
Until then, I'm using my metal dpns.  Maybe I need to get my hands on some wooden dpns . . . I'll add it to my birthday wish list as its probably not possible to get them for Christmas.

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