Sunday, December 2, 2012

Almost There . . .

This week saw a bit o' knitting.  It's amazing how much time one has without homework, research, essay writing or studying to do.  With school done for now, I've got "free time" (it's all relative, of course, since I'm still working full-time and caring for my family).
Socks in Progress
These are my red ribbed socks that were started a while back (at end of May I think?  Thanks goodness for Ravelry notes, LOL).  I am so lovin' woolen socks right now, that I'm making good progress.  Just a little left to go . . . almost at the toes!
Almost at Toes
As soon as these are finished, there's some yarn ready to be cast-on.  I'm thinkin' maybe some blue would be nice.  ;)

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