Sunday, December 23, 2012

Crafty Stuff

The knitting is moving along slowly (now that I have some time on my hands).  My son's octopus now has four tentacles.  Only four more to go.  And I started a new project.  And yes, it is another toy!  Why do you ask?

I've decided to revisit Debbie Bliss' Teddy Bears.  Years ago I made some cute teddies for my boys (reminisced about them here).  And while the bears were cute, I found the patterns rather tedious--especially for  a "beginner" knitter (at that point I had been away from knitting for a while so I felt like a beginner).

Now that I'm more experienced, I'm tackling the patterns with better skills and hopefully more knitting knowledge.  In particular I'm checking out the Artist Bear.  He's a cute fella with smock and beret.  My artist will be more feminine with a raspberry beret and fuschia bow 'round her smock.
Bliss`Artist Bear
For now, she's only got legs (I might be dating myself, but isn't that a ZZ Top song?).  I'm currently working on the soles of her feet.  I'm using some Briggs and Little Heritage in heather brown.  
Legs in Progress
I just love the colour: there are specs of red and green, almost as if the dyer used red and green to create the brown and the colour mixture didn't quite mix well or get absorbed evenly.  Very cool effect!
Briggs and Little Heritage in
Heather Brown
Hope you're enjoying your weekend.  I'm looking forward to the upcoming holidays.  Hope you are too. :)

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