Sunday, July 29, 2012


Yes, I'm knitting!  And I'm so happy!  And there's so much to share . . . 
Green Phentex Slippers
First off, I never shared my green slipper.  It's very similar to my red slippers (which used the pattern Maggie's Slippers) except that this pattern is from an old Phentex leaflet (circa 1971).  One nice addition is a selvage or edging stitch--its a nice finishing touch.
Red Patons Sock
Second, I worked on--and actually finished!--one red sock.  And I do emphasize the word ONE.   Yes, I've gotta kitchener the toes, but all the knitting is done (No promises as to when I'll get 'round to casting on the second sock . . . ).
Garter Surprise
And finally, I started a new project---please don't sigh 'cuz I know you do it too.  There's lots of projects waiting to be finished, but you start a new one anyways.  This is . . . well, a little bit of a secret, but I'll share a little snippet of it.  And I'll give you a couple of hints: there's lots of garter and blocks of colour.  I must be one of the last people to attempt this project 'cuz over 1400 have made it and another 1445 have it in their queues.  I just hope I can keep it a secret . . .:S

Hope you have a great week!

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