Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Thing About Garter . . .

Despite its stretchiness, garter stitch goes on and on and on . . . It seemingly takes forever to grow.  I should know as my "garter surprise" is nothing but garter stitch--miles and miles of garter stitch.  
Miles and miles of Garter
The surprise is that I've progressed so far (thank heavens for vacations and long car trips!).  My project requires 10 blocks and I'm already on block 7!  I suppose that is a little misleading 'cuz each block gets progressively larger and thus requires more time to finish.  My first block started off with 42 stitches.  Block 7 uses 114 stitches . . . well, you get the picture.
Five Colours
Colour has been my big motivator.  I desperately plow on through just to watch the colour changes.  The original pattern called for four colours, but I've deviated from it by using five colours instead.  My inspiration came from a beloved toy I made for my boys a few years back.  Have you ever met Eggy?  He's shares a blog with his two Toad friends (yeah, that's Toad from SuperMario fame).
Meet Eggy
Since I'm back to work tomorrow, I imagine my knitting progress will slow down.  And in my summer course, there's an upcoming unit test and an exam after that (I'll be so pleased to finish this summer course in the next few weeks).  

Meanwhile here's hoping we both have a good week!

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