Sunday, July 15, 2012


So I forgot to mention that we got a piggy.  She's just a wee piggy for now.  She'll be ready for slaughter come fall.
Wee Piggy getting used to her surroundings
But my heavens she is the cutest little thing!  
Smile pretty :)
It'll be hard turning her into pork chops and bacon.  I suspect she won't be too pretty come fall.  Hopefully she'll feed us through the winter.

We should have enough meat in the freezer once we add the chickens.  The girls have gotten big--and they're ready for the slaughter.  Some time this week, the men-folk will be tackling the messy job.
Meat chickens in their movable coop
And of course there's the veggie garden which is growing like gang-busters.  The lettuce (foreground) is doing well, as is the corn (in the back to the right). 

Veggie Garden

The potato plants are huge!  Hope that fairs well for the potatoes growing underground.
Laundry on the line
It hasn't even been a year yet, but there's been so much activity the past few weeks.  Slowly but surely we're getting used to farm life.  

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