Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back to School

So while my kids are enjoying the first week of summer vacation, I'm busy with homework and a project for my online psychology course.  My plan is to eventually end up with a degree in Child Studies, but for now I'm working on my first course--and its been years since I was last in school!
My Psych Textbook
Thus far, I've been diligent.  Every night after work, I study the material whether its reading, making notes or watching my class.  But doubts creep into my brain:  Will I remember everything for the test?  Am I still smart enough?  Can I write a paper that sounds semi-intelligent?  Or will my brain suddenly implode?  Its tough being a 40-something working mom going back to school part-time . . . 

And nary a craft has been attempted this past week.  No time for knitting or crochet, although I do confess to attending knit night (a welcome indulgence).  Sadly that was the extent of my crafting ventures.
Crochet Tote
At least my school bag looks neat.  I made this tote a few years ago for the Blog Bernat (can't believe it was in 2010).  Its the perfect size for my text, binder and pencil case.  There's no liner, but I suppose one could easily insert one--if one could sew.

Here's hoping you have a good week.  You know what I'll be doin'.  ;)

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