Sunday, September 11, 2011

Old Stuff

A Sock and a Slipper
Should finish up some long-standing WIPs from my knitting table (most of which are small projects).

Let's see: there are two socks in need of partners.  Gonna attempt the worsted one first as its already on the needles. In fact, my industrious self managed to finish the gusset and turn the heel on the weekend--no small thanks to a weekend seminar in the next town over (gotta love car-knitting).

There's also a slipper made with that nasty-but-oh-so-strong Phentax.  One slipper is already completed (ends woven too).  Good thing too since dear hubby mentioned that his current slippers won't make it to winter. Maybe if I get a move-on, I can finish the second one before the snow flies.

My hope is that if I carry both projects in my bag, I can make some headway on both.  Here's hoping they both reach completion soon.

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