Friday, September 9, 2011

A Life in the Country

A few days ago I posted something rather cryptic about changes.  My reticence came from not wanting to put the proverbial cart before the proverbial horse.  Now I can fully reveal those "changes": Acrylic-girl is gonna be a Farm-girl! 

Its no secret that I live in a small rural community (surely you've noticed my laments over the lack of available crafting supplies).  Nevertheless, we still live in town.  Even in a small town, there is traffic, noise and other people to contend with (made even more so with the annual influx of  university students--suffice to say the town almost doubles in size).  And I won't lie that there has been a certain amount of convenience--especially since my commute consists of a vigorous walk each morning. As convenient as that may be, we've always longed for the country life: a quaint farm house with a few chickens, a few pigs (maybe a goat or two; perhaps a cow eventually), a large veggie garden, a greenhouse and lots of green features (mainly solar heating and wind power--eventually).  I even shared my dream online a few years ago (although we'd been thinking about it for a while).

Finally the dream has come to pass!  In about a month or so, we'll be living in the country in an old farm house.  Yes we'll be sharing the place with family, but that will be a good thing.  The more hands, the better 'cuz there will be lots of work.  Lots of work!
Our New Home
Wish us luck as we embark on this new and exciting adventure.


  1. Wow, a big change -- can't wait to hear all about it. Will you start raising sheep and spinning their fleece too?

  2. Oh I'd love to eventually have sheep, but baby steps.


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