Saturday, August 13, 2011

All Kinds of Progress

Sorta.  Over vacation, I did manage to get some knitting done.  Surprising how much one can do barreling downtown via subway train.  And there's been a smatterin' of knit time throughout the week.  Of course there's been this thing called "work" that has sucked up most of my time--go figure!.

First off, I'm close to finishing off the body section of my navy Bohus: just another half inch and I can join the sleeves to the body (although there's the small detail of actually making the second sleeve).
Bohus in Progress
The photo above is not accurate as I've gotten further along since photographing my Bohus.  My zeal for this project has not abated, in spite of the miles and miles of stockinette.  At present my only real concern is adjusting the yoke; thus far, my modifications have created the appropriate size (so says my tape measure).  I'm hoping this continues as I grapple with the decreases in the yoke (and don't get me started on the short-rows for the neck . . . that could be a little scary).

My other vacation project is my green Soleil.  I hadn't even swatched it when I left for Toronto.  Lo and behold, I've gotten to the waist.
Soleil Progress
It was the perfect airport/flying project (knitting is great for occupying one's hands and mind when one has a fear of flying--just saying).  The lace section was very easy once I memorized the pattern.   And the stockinette section hasn't been too mind-numbing, especially since I have to keep track of rows for the waist shaping.  And the silk-bamboo fabric: very nice feel and drape.  This is gonna be very pretty when its done.  I just hope it fits.

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