Friday, August 5, 2011

Home Again Home Again

Aww how I missed lovely Nova Scotia where the air smells fresh and clean, and there's lots and lots of green.  We only just got back last night, and I've still got a bit of unpacking to do.  Uploaded all my photos this morning, though.  Leafing through my snapshots, I found some nice ones.
CN Tower
The trip to Toronto was good, if busy.  No matter how long one stays, there's never enough time to see or do everything.  We managed to visit with most of the family and catch up with some old friends (miss you guys).  And of course, we hit a few tourist spots.  Our two big excursions were visiting the Royal Ontario Museum (to see those dino bones) and catching a Blue Jays game.
T-Rex in all his glory

No matter what its called now, this will always be "The Dome"
We also ventured downtown to enjoy the sights and sounds--and smells--of urban life.  Life in the city can afford one many experiences and amenities (good comic shops, large book stores and lots o' yarn shops--squeee!!).  Still, as nice as it is to visit another place, it sure is awfully good to come home.  
Spadina and Queen St W
Funny that as much as we enjoyed ourselves in the big city, we all came to the same conclusion: life is good in our small east coast town.  Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home. 

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