Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yarny Goodness

So even though I didn't get to visit many yarn shops whilst in TO, I still managed to acquire a few tools and some yarn.  First off, I finally got a stitch gauge along with a bamboo circular and two cushioned crochet hooks.
Some Crafting Tools
These I purchased at a Mary Maxim shop at Yonge and Eglinton.  Although small, the shop carried a variety of fibres from acrylics to alpaca, silks and wool.  Lots of brands such as Rowan, Noro, Sirdar and Debbie Bliss, as well as basics like Patons and Mary Maxim's house brand (remember that there's no real yarn shop in my hometown, so for me there was variety). 
Mary Maxim Store in Toronto Mall
I also found a large Michael's outlet in Newmarket.  I love acrylic and acrylic blends and was happy to see a variety of brands from Red Heart to Lionsbrand along with Patons, Bernat and Michael's house brand.  My only purchase there was a set of Susan Bates crochet hooks.
Set of Crochet Hooks
Perhaps the most exciting excursion for me was a visit to Romni Wools on Queen St W in Toronto.  This was yarn heaven!  I must confess that if I lived in Toronto, I would be down at Romni Wools every weekend (even though it took about an hour and a half to venture down to the city).  
Yarn Heaven
It was two full floors of yarn (you name it, they had.  And honestly, if it wasn't there, then chances were you probably couldn't get it in the city).  Downstairs the store carries all discounted brands and discounted colours at discounted prices (I believe it was an automatic 20%).   Staff were ready to help, but I just wanted to browse and savour the yarny goodness because there was just soooo much! 

Upstairs was brighter and yarns seemed to be grouped by fibre (all sock yarns were together, all cottons, etc).  The variety was staggering!
Back of Store
Check out the photo above: that only represents one aisle out of four (and its not even the entire aisle 'cuz I was standing in the middle of the store).  Below is a section to the front where you'll find summer yarns and lots o' knitting books and magazines (again, that's only half of the front 'cuz the entrance and cashier are not visible).
Front of Store
And I'll confess that I didn't even see everything because there was too much to see.  If I had the time, I would have come back on my own (sans husband and children, although I was a good sport and waited patiently while they perused action figures at the comic book store or plucked guitar strings at the music store).

I had promised myself a lovely skein--just one.  I ended up buying two: 400+ yards of a pretty silk-wool worsted blend (regular $30 and on sale for $18) and 400 yards of super soft alpaca in fingering (only $10). 
Alpaca Fingering

Silk-Wool Worsted Blend
Mmmmm . . . . yarny goodness at its finest :D


  1. Wow, I did NOT know there was a Mary Maxim store in Toronto -- see what happens when you leave town for 6 years? I've not been to Romni Wools yet either (so jealous) but thanks for the wonderful guided tour. It does look like an ideal "all day event". Your yarns look lovely and don't you love a bargain!

  2. Hey Wool-Free, you once lived in TO too?! Cool! :) And yes, bargains are very, very nice. :D


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