Friday, August 19, 2011

About Knit Night

Knitting (and crochet) are generally solitary activities.  And for the longest time I only knew one other knitter in real life--who happened to be my mother-in-law.  Then came the discovery of a knitting group in my wee community.  
A Fellow Member's Alpaca Lace Scarf
Funny story: while perusing the various groups on Ravelry, a poster lamented her difficulties in finding other knitters.  I responded with a "I feel your pain 'cuz I can't find other knitters in my small town either".  Lo and behold, another poster (who happened to follow my blog) mentioned that she lived in the same small town.  Then she invited me to join her at the next meeting of her knitting group.  The funny part is that she had been following my blog and I had checked hers out, and we didn't even know we lived in the same town!  
Another Knitter's Christmas Ball and Finished Sweater
Sometimes I feel like "the noob" 'cuz the other members are experienced knitters whose handiwork is often exquisite, delicate or complicated (and sometimes all three!).  But that's okay.  Each to his or her ability.  Besides, over the past year I've challenged myself through various projects; in the process I've acquired new skills and maybe even some confidence in my crafting abilities.  In the end, its all good.
My Own Green Soleil--A Work-in-Progress
By the way, I love, love, love our new location for knit night: we meet at our newly constructed public library.  Its a green, state-of-the-art facility that looks incredibly beautiful and inviting, and feels cozy.  There's lots of natural light and loads of inspiration: many local artists contributed various pieces to decorate the space.  It is an awesome place.
Library Interior
Yup, knit night is a good night.


  1. Sometimes I think I'd like to be in a knitting group but I'm such a solitary knitter.

    Your new library is beautiful.

  2. Everyone has their own crafting needs, Kateknitsocks. I like knit group 'cuz its nice to share with others who totally understand my obsession with all things knitting.

  3. I love knit nite but it's sometimes difficult if I don't have a project at the right stage of mindlessness. I can't think at knit nite!

  4. I agree Michele that knit night requires a project with little concentration needed (that's why I always have ribbed socks on the go, LOL)


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