Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just One Thanks

Sock that is.  Just one sock. It's very pretty and nicely striped.  You may recall I started it back at the end of April.

One Blue Sock--Just One

I can't remember when I finished this one . . . maybe a few weeks ago?  It was a quick knit (gotta love worsted!) And I even tried a new toe.  Instead of my usual kitchenered toe, the pattern called for a star toe where there are evenly spaced decreases in the round.   Interesting, huh?  Definitely good to expand one's sock repertoire.  And there's more I need to learn . . . but that's for another day.

Star Toe

Normally I cast on for the second sock right away, but I've seriously gotta finish my current Bernat project.  It's a gift for a wee babe that'll soon be among us (and no, it's not mine.  My baby-makin' days are over) . . . so, it would nice if the baby's new outfit were finished.  Sadly I can't show it to you here--at least not yet (But just between me and you, if you go over to my Ravelry project links, you can find some in-progress photos).

Hope you're having a good weekend and that the week's a good one for you. 
Later :)


  1. I love the colors in that sock. It screams WINTER.

  2. Yeah, the gray makes it more wintery. If it was just blue and white, it would look more like the ocean.


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