Sunday, May 29, 2011

Growing Cushion

So my lovely cushion cover is steadily growing.  I hope to have the bottom side finished in the not-too-distant future.

Cushion Cover

I'm really liking the stripes with the heathered blue and cream--very pretty.  The section I'm working on will wrap 'round the top and bottom.  Then my plan is to make a narrow ribbon in single crochet to cover the sides.  I'm hoping to attach the sides to the main section with crab stitch--a nice little detail.

Cushion Cover Detail

There's a quarter left to go before the main piece is completed.  The sides shouldn't take too long to complete since they'll be narrow and short.  Once I finish this prototype, the next two cushions shouldn't take too long (famous last words?  Hope not).  Besides, re-doing the whole project will help me refine my pattern notes. 

Once completed rest assured I'll be posting the pattern here for free.  I can't believe others haven't had the same idea percolating in their heads.  And I know I've come across patterns online for chair covers.


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