Sunday, May 22, 2011


Remember the dude who could stop a bad guy with only a paper clip, an elastic and some gum?  Sure, you watched it (I know you did).  And what does MacGyver have to do with crafting?  Everything!  When a tool or gadget doesn't work, the enterprising crafter improvises a la MacGyver.

The regular crochet hook can be a wee uncomfortable.  My preference is a thicker shaft, especially with the smaller hook sizes.  Problem: what to wrap round the hook?  Solution: pencil grips. 
Pencil Grips
Even though the center of the pencil grip is too wide for the hook, plain old masking tape (to thicken the shaft and provide a non-slip surface) works well.  Then slip the pencil grip over the hook.  Viola:
MacGyvered Hooks
Sure it's not elegant or perfect, but it works--although rest assured I'll be looking for a set of ergonomic hooks whenever I head into the city (I saw some at the Mary Maxim website, but I want to feel the hooks in my hand to make sure they feel comfortable). 


  1. Who would have thought. I wish I could do that with knitting needles. My size 3 needles are killers. You do MacGyver proud! :)

  2. LOL! Thanks Pam **blushes**
    And I agree that wee knitting needles can be just as hard on the hands as wee crochet hooks.


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