Saturday, March 5, 2011

So Much More

Crafting.  Much, much more crafting.  Crafting galore!

Beginning of Sock

Started another pair of socks using Bernat Jacquards.  They're working up quickly so the photo above is misleading as I'm past the heel and working the gusset.  I had to tweak the Patons pattern: cast on 42sts instead of 48sts and worked a K4P2 rib (worked cuff in same pattern but on 3mm DPNs.  After an inch or so, switched to 4mm DPNs). 

I wasn't sure how I would turn the heel since I'd changed the stitch count.  So I used Glenna C's worsted Weekend Socks (Ravelry link) 'cuz her pattern's heel count was the same as mine (20sts).  Franken-pattern?  Why not?!  Do I truly need to tax my addled brain cells when someone somewhere has already done all the work (And its probably on the internets and available for free)?  Besides, me and math don't get along.

Finished my Bernat vest--at long last!  It's taken way too long to get through this project, mostly hindered by crafting ennui, lack of energy and missing mojo.  This weekend, gonna seam the sides and weave the ends (piece 'o cake, right?).  And I sooo wish I could show you some of it.  Well, maybe a little peek would be okay.
You can click on my sidebar to the right where all my Rav projects are listed if you're looking for a pattern link and more details (some day all my posts on the project will get published **sigh**).
Beginning of Wavy Ripple Crochet Blanket 
I also started a charity project through Bernatcares.  They're running a CAL/KAL where participants can make blankets for Project Linus. There are a few free patterns available and even forums where one can chat about one's progress or ask for assistance.  Don't think I'll frequent the forums; I prefer chatting over at Ravelry 'cuz I just love the set-up (and honestly I don't feel like signing up for something else). 

Remember the pinwheel blanket my knit group worked on this past fall (more details about the charity pinwheel blanket over at Ravelry)?  Since that project was a lot of fun, I thought I'd give it another go.  This time I'm making the Wavy Ripple Crochet blanket (gotta add that pattern to the Rav database when I get the chance).  Learning a new crochet stitch and trying out a new yarn was enough to get me going.  I'm actually through one pattern repeat.  Hope this works up quickly.  It certainly is a relaxing project.

Hope your weekend is full of crafty goodness. :)


  1. Franken-sock, indeed! I use the same 2 heels for most of my socks. Why re-invent the wheel? But here's a chart for most every heel you could want:


  2. Oh thanks for the link PDX! Now I can fiddle around with the stitch count and not have to worry about how to work the heel.


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