Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sofa Cushions

The thing about a nice comfy sofa is that it gets used. A lot.  Even if its a well-built sofa (custom-made by my second cousin in his furniture shop back in TO), with frequent use the fabric eventually begins to wear.  A sofa cover can hide the wear-and-tear, but then it too becomes worn (personally I'd like to blame the kids for all the wear-and-tear).

Then the light bulb goes on.  The one in my head (hey, it happens every now and then).  While looking through my pattern booklets, I came across this design for a chair cushion.

Chair Cushion That Inspired My Light Bulb Moment
 Now the pattern is for a 16x16" chair cushion, but it could work for a sofa.  My sofa cushions are 21x21" and thicker, but if I adjust the number of stitches it can work.  I'll just make the band that connects top to bottom thicker and leave the back open (maybe use a couple of simple ties so that the cover stays on the cushion).

Then I started hooking.  I'm using some lovely Briggs and Little Heritage in blue heather (which had been gifted to me  at Christmas and I had hoped would become a lovely cardigan, but alas this woolly goodness was meant for greater things).
The Start of a Sofa Cushion Cover
If knitters and crocheters can "yarn bomb" trees, lamp posts, statues and bridges, then surely I can make a sofa cushion cover. 

Here's hoping ;)


  1. now that's ambitious! i can't wait to see it when you're done, and i love the color!

  2. LOL Kintinsage, it really is ambitious, isn't it? But I'm determined to complete at least one cover.

  3. if anyone can do it, acrylic, it is YOU, girl!! ;-)


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