Sunday, March 13, 2011

How Goes the Crafting?

Remember those worsted socks?  One of them should have been finished by now.  I had turned the heel and was working on the gusset decreases.  And it was working up quickly. But it's on hold for the moment.
Sock in Progress
Why?  Well, mainly I've been working obsessively on my Bernat projects (by the way, the blog has started updating.  You can check out my newest post here ).

Also, I'm keen on finishing my sofa cushion cover.  Right now, it's my new carry-along project.  And carry it everywhere I have! I've also decided to add a little striping for interest (visually and for myself).
Cushion Cover
But I made a classic rookie mistake.  Can you spot it?
Unintentional Increases
See how the edges gradually increase.  That's not right!  Did I frog it?  Nah.  Since it's a prototype, I decided to live with the big boo-boo.  When it's finished, I can place the more narrow section towards the back of the cushion where it won't be noticed.

How goes your crafting?

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