Saturday, March 19, 2011

Socky Surprise

Good Fit
The surprise is that one sock is finished (ends all woven too).  How is that possible with all that crochet on my plate?  Suffice to say that it is in my wrist's best interest to "mix it up" (don't scoff when someone says too much crochet can lead to a sore wrist).  

Result: cushion cover has seen little progress, but one cozy sock warms my left foot (especially appreciated since winter desperately hangs on, even though I've spied the beginnings of crocuses barely sprouting--not in my own garden 'cuz there's still a wee bit of snow hanging 'bout).
Very Colourful

I'm using the same worsted sock pattern from Paton's sock booklet (Rav link).  It's the same pattern I used for my DK tropical coloured socks (finished last month).  I must confess that those tropical socks were a wee big--mostly loose 'round the ankle (for a big girl, I've got small ankles and wrists).  So I made some changes:
  • cast on 42 stitches (instead of 48)
  • worked K4P2 rib instead of K2P2
  • worked heel over 20 stitches using another pattern
  • made foot 5” long instead of 5.5

Hopefully I can get the second one cast-on before the end of the weekend.  A girl needs a portable, tag-along project. 


  1. you're right about mixing the knitting in with the extensive crochet!

    thx for documenting your pattern mods. i like that sock.

    here's to the crocus appearing soon!

  2. Thanks Knitinsage ;)
    Besides, my crochet projects are getting a wee bit big to carry along, while the socks are always quite portable.


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