Sunday, January 9, 2011

Woolly Goodness

Not much to share this week.  Back to the usual grind (i.e. day job for me and school for the kids).  So I'm back to my once-a-week posting.  Still toiling away on my afghan for Bernat's CAL.  Sadly I did not finish in time for year's end, so this project gets carried over into 2011.  **sigh** Afghans are more time consuming than I thought--at least the full-sized ones. 

In other news, I'm contemplating my next project and I think it needs to be something small and portable.  A pair of socks perhaps?  Maybe some worsted socks?  Oh, yes please!  That would be very nice.  :)

And while we're on the topic of worsted, did I share with you some of the woolly goodness bestowed upon me over the holidays?
That's Briggs and Little Tuffy and Heritage (and the Tuffy has already been made into a pair of Faux-Thrum Mittens).  I think there's another skein wanting to be mittens (but only one pair--for my youngest who appreciates all things woolen; unfortunately, dear hubby and my eldest have declared woolen things to be too itchy).
I also received another batch of skeins--a whole sweater's worth!  These I am reserving for a sweater--perhaps for me or maybe for my wee one who appreciates wool (incidentally he's the same child who enjoys knitting). 
Have you ever used Briggs and Little?  I've heard good things about them online at Ravelry, namely that the yarn is quite durable.  Apparently the company has been around for over 150 years.  As an added bonus, the company uses Canadian produced wool and environmentally safe dyes.

For me personally, I like that the product is available locally (and real wool is hard to come by in my little neck of the woods).  Be warned, though: there's "stuff" in the yarn.  It doesn't bother me.  There's something very satisfying about pulling out bits of straw and debris from one's yarn--a bit of the pastoral life, perhaps?  Have I mentioned how much I long for life on a farm? 

I can dream. :)


  1. i really like those blues & creams. beautiful.

    we are also back to the normalcy of school and work. ho hum. ho hum indeed. :P

  2. Dinah, I'm actually glad to be back to the old routine, but I may be singing a different tune come Feb, LOL.


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